How Did You Measure

 How Did You Measure?

On every single page on our website you will see a drop-down box titled 'How Did You Measure?'

There are 2 x options


Both these refer to the area in which you are fitting your blind.

Exact Blind Size - This option should be choosen when you are fitting the blind outside the recess. Depending which type of blind you have choosen, we will either make the blind exactly to this size, or for roller blinds we will supply fabric the size you have ordered, and the control parts will be extra, usually approximately 3cm extra.

Recess Size - This option is when you are fitting the blind inside the area in front of the window. We will make the necessary deductions so that the blind fits perfectly.

RECESS INFORMATION - This means the area in front of the window, usually with a window sill at the bottom. When measuring the width, ensure you measure where the blind will be fitted, at the top. If you have tiling at the bottom, if it protrudes more than 1 cm you will need to contact us.

If you are putting the blind on the outside of the recess then we recommend adding 5 centimetres/2 inches per side (10 cm / 4" total) to ensure good coverage.

Drop - Please make sure you measure the drop/length correctly so that we manufacture the blind perfectly, and the cord systems are at the right levels.