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What are Sprung Loaded Roller Blinds
What are Sprung Loaded Roller Blinds?

Simply - sprung loaded roller blinds are roller blinds that retracts.

You can have a small cord at the bottom of the fabric in the middle, or a shape with a cafe rod.

Eliminating the need for a chain cord at the side of the roller blinds, the sprung loaded roller blinds are an excellent choice in child safety products.

To operate the blinds, you hold the bottom cord or cafe rod bar, and quickly pull down to release the clutch system. The blind will retract as you hold on, until you reach the desired position. You then pull slightly again, and the brake will apply, stopping the fabric.

You can opt for the Luxurious Slow Rise SENSE blind which you only need to pull once and the fabric will retract by itself, into a head cassette that houses the fabric neatly. See our category search, or related search below 'what is a luxurious slow rise SENSE blind'.

To purchase sprung loaded roller blinds

Please order a roller blind from the 'roller category' on the left hand side, and then purchase the spring separately on the 'Sprung Loaded Roller Blinds' Category.

For all enquires please contact us either via sales@lettingsharrow.co.uk or telephone: 01843 229596