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Sprung Loaded Roller Blinds
 Change your Roller Blinds to Sprung Loaded Roller Blinds!

- First choose your Blind in the 'Roller Blinds' Category
- Then, on this page, ensure you enter the same measurements, so we can add the spring to the correct blind!
- You can choose your toggle finish, wooden given as standard or purchase a Fancy Toggle (see related products at the bottom of the page)
- If you desire a fancy scalloped edge, navigate to
'Shaped Bottoms With Braiding' (see related products)

These sprung loaded roller blinds are your choice of roller fabric on Aluminium tubing, controlled by a spring locking system. With these blinds you must hold the blind as it retracts to your desired level.

Components: 25mm aluminimum tubes upto 6ft, and 32mm aluminium tubes for over 6ft. Steel spring system encased inside the tubing. Blinds will be finished with a string and standard toggle, unless you choose otherwise.

Luxury: Try our range of 'Luxurious Slow Rise SENSE Blinds' for the ULTIMATE in sprung loaded roller blinds