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Photo or Picture Blinds
 Photo or Picture Blinds

The Ultimate Roller Blind Design

We can print any picture or photo you want directly onto the fabric for your roller blind!

Perfect for capturing Wedding day photo's, Baby Pictures, Pets, Scenic/Landscape designs, even random pictures or cartoons....pretty much any picture you can think of!!  

Send us a the file to abcblinds@msn.com and we will contact you with the price. Also, if you have a picture or setting in mind, we should be able to get the picture as we have a professional photographer on hand, who specialises in scenic landscape and animal photography.

Affordable blinds cannot be held responsible for any copyright infrigement, that is down to the customer. We can print any design you give to us, as long as the file can be read, any problems and we will contact you.

Please ensure the image is sent in the highest pixel rate possible. Although we use a specially designed printing equipment, small discrepencies can sometimes be found, although this will not effect the overall imagery, unless there is a signficant fault in the actual image.

We will ensure we check the image throughly, and let you know before printing your blind.

For All Enquries - Please Email abcblinds@msn.com or Telephone 01843 229596

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