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Measuring Guide for Awning Canopies
 Measuring Guide for Awning Canopies

Awning's can only be fitted onto Brickwork/Concrete and not onto the side of Conservatories or window frames, unless a concrete framework is constructed.

Measure the width to the maximum, or required size.

Measure the Projection - How far out you would like the blind to reach out to (this is dependant on how high you can have the blind fitted, we may need to discuss this with you - please send photo's if possible).

Measure the Height - We need to know the highest point possible to fix your blind to the wall/side of the building.

We will also need to know what fabric you wish to purchase, what style of awning, and the control mechanisms (See 'What is an Awning Canopy' for more details)

Submit these sizes, and the design of the blind, and we will get back to you by email or telephone with a quote. Alternatively you can contact us at abcblinds@msn.com or 01843 229596 to discuss further with our sales team.